Regarding Five Nights At Freddy's 6 (FNAF6)

Fifteen Nights Ago Between 6 and 7, at Freddy's You will be responsible for constructing your very own eatery. Score well while making pizzas and feeding hungry youngsters!

Five Nights at Freddy's Guide to Level 6

A minigame reminiscent of 8-bit games serves as the game's introduction. In this side game, you get to be Freddy Fazbear. Obtaining pizzas and hurling them at clients is the objective. A second Freddy sprite appears later on and obstructs the pizzas. The minigame will eventually end, and the player will advance to the following screen.

Following the glitch, the player finds themselves seated at a desk alongside a cassette recorder and a sheet of paper. In front of them sits a damaged copy of Circus Baby. Next, the man on the cassette recording uses a string of bizarre noises and voice commands to test the animatronic.

As soon as the tape recorder turns off, the shattered toy turns its gaze to the screen.

After that, the user is brought to a screen that displays the name of the game.

The player's objective is to stock their pizzeria with various goods from a catalog that enhance the ambiance, provide security, provide entertainment, and increase income. According to the tutorial, the player should also avoid anything that could get them in trouble with the law.

A dimly lit office with a central computer and two air vents on either side is then entered by the player. At this point in the game, you must complete all of the computer-based activities.

Additionally, the player is tasked with preventing the animatronics, whether they have been rescued or are loose, from reaching the office.

Turning off the computer and fan accomplishes this, but it will also cause the temperature to rise. A temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the office will cause the player to black out. Turning on the computer and fan makes a noise that reduces the temperature and notifies the animatronics that you are in the workplace.

Ads can appear and be more intrusive if the player accepts to be sponsored.

A player can locate moving objects in vents by shining a spotlight into them. In order to free the animatronics from the workplace, the player can also utilize sound effects. The night will end when the player logs out of their computer, having completed all of the chores.

An animatronic creature discovered in an alley will be handed to the player during the daytime. The user will be prompted to choose between rescuing the animatronic and returning it to its original location.

Extra cash will be coming in if the animatronic is saved. You will not receive a bonus and the animatronic will not be circling the restaurant if you return it to the alley. Make sure it doesn't go too close when they're salvaging an animatronic. If this happens, they will be too scared to accept the bonus. The player has the option to use a taser to stabilize the animatronic, however doing so more than three times reduces its salvage value. In addition to the updated Baby, you have the opportunity to rescue a malfunctioning Funtime Freddy, a self-repairing Springtrap, and an enigmatic black bear.

Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

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