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When you go back to the 1990s, do you recall those instructional games that were so awkward? Baldi's Basics of Education and Learning is an independent video game that takes those experiences, combines them with horror and dark humor, and results in the creation of a cult classic! Produced by a single-person studio In a nutshell, Games!, Baldi's Basics has become a craze among aficionados of horror and independent video games.

You have arrived to the Basics detention card for Baldi.
This paradise that was created by fans is the perfect location to gather for all things Baldi! Whether you are a seasoned veteran who is ready to experience the nightmare (or amusing glitches) of your first game or a curious beginner who has just taken on the first assignment, we are all able to assist you

Guidelines for playing Baldi's Basics

On the other side of the meandering corridors of Baldi's Basics:
Learn the ins and outs of Baldi's fundamental basics: You can have a better understanding of the warped world of Baldi's schooling by going through lessons, talking about the lore, and analyzing the characters.
Enhance your experience of being in captivity: Explore the official and fan-made spin-offs, hacks, and inventions that take the oddity of Baldi to a whole new level.
Participate in the community of Baldi's Basics: You should talk to those who are incarcerated about your experiences, theories, and memes.
Keep in mind that learning is primarily about having fun at Baldi's Basics.

Take out your notes (seven of them, to be exact! ), stay away from the eerie corridors, and get ready for a detention experience that is unlike anything you've ever had before!

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