About the game of Granny

Find out more about this one-of-a-kind first-person survival game! Granny, a psychopath who committed murder, will lock you inside a large house, but you won't even be able to recall how you got there before you find yourself confined inside. You should strive to stay safe and find a way out of the situation before she discovers you. In the meantime, you should gather a variety of stuff. It is important that you seek protection, remain motionless, and do not make any noise since she is able to hear anything and will come after you. Make it out of there in fewer than five days!
Due to the fact that Granny has you confined at her home, you are unable to escape on your own.
In the middle of the night, you find yourself in a room with a headache and the sensation that someone has hit you over the head.
Your reliable flashlight, which is the only source of illumination in this dimly lighted room, is resting on a table nearby.

Playing the role of Granny

There are now a multitude of locks on the main door; in order to escape, you will have to search the interior of the home for a key or some other object.
However, you should use caution because Granny is able to hear every sound. In the event that you produce a mess on the floor or hear a creaking sound, she will immediately hurry over to investigate the location of the mess or sound.
Her bear traps and her hounds, among other things, like to hide in the shadows, so you will need to be on the lookout for them.
You need take precautions to ensure that she does not discover your whereabouts; you can conceal yourself by using wardrobes and coffins.

There is something else that can be done.
There is a garage located at the very bottom of this house. It is possible to find an old automobile in the storage area. Should you be able to start it, it will unlock the garage door and make it possible for you to escape.

There are two different kinds of weaponry in the house, so you can use either one of them to protect yourself against Granny. In any case, this is really a transitory remedy. Having said that, it is advantageous.

There are five different levels of difficulty.
There are four difficulty levels: challenging, moderate, easy, and practice.
If you play the game on Practice mode, where there are no big barriers, you will have the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of things pertaining to the house without the presence of Granny. With that being said, the house does not come without any potential dangers.

Five days are allotted to you in Granny's house, and if you do something kind for her, she will allow you to extend your stay to a sixth day.
Following the conclusion of the final day, you should be able to determine what happens next in the event that you are unable to leave.

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