10-103 game

Pertaining to the game known as 10-103

The Aegis Research Facility has been declared to have experienced a containment breach, which was brought on by a Class 4 or higher UT of an unknown sort.

As a part of the contingency plan, the Special Response Team is dispatched to the location. You take on the role of Specter 8 and are required to have a constant radio connection with Morpho, who serves as your operator.

Have fun with your headphones. TO PLAY THIS GAME, STEREO OUTPUT IS REQUIRED.
For the purpose of this brief horror adventure, you will take on the character of a seasoned Special Ops officer who is attempting to make his way through the black hell that has become the underground facility.

KELVIN, the NULL, has been released!

Steps to take in order to play the game 10-103

Right and left arrow keys, or the letters A and D, to move down; the letter S to use the elevator; the tab key to utilize the radio
Room to take a shot.


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