Happy Wheels

Regarding the game Happy Wheels

A side-scrolling ragdoll physics game is called Happy Wheels. Use one of the many distinct characters to go through the levels without getting severed limb from limb. Sounds simple enough? Rethink your thoughts. One of the first browser games that use absurd ragdoll physics as a fundamental component was Happy Wheels.

How to play Happy Wheels 

Happy Wheels features a wide range of unique and user-made levels that you may play through. There is an endless array of options, some of which are simpler to play through with particular characters. Depending on the level, you can end yourself riding your wheelchair into a person's guts or chasing an enraged cat across a forest.

Every level has a different objective, such as finishing it or gathering every token. There are completely meaningless levels. Additionally, you have the option to create your own tracks and distribute them for testing to other users.

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